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There are lots of reasons why a nonprofit should work with a coach or consultant – and even more options to choose from!

A good partnership can provide expert advice on a wide range of topics, from fundraising and marketing to strategic planning and program development. They can act as a sounding board or thought partner and they can also help nonprofits to identify and address challenges or to develop and implement solutions.

Additionally, consultants can provide nonprofits with access to a network of resources, tools and other contacts and experts. As a result, hiring a consultant can be a valuable investment for any nonprofit.

At MVP Advisors we strive to offer services that are high-quality, in-depth and affordable. We will work with your organization to find options that fit within your budget.

Here are some of the ways that MVP Advisors can help your nonprofit.

Strategic Planning | Fundraising Coaching | Fundraising Architecture & Strategy | Board Governance & Operations | Feasibility Studies & Capital Campaigns

Our Process

We believe that through working together we can create a relationship that is collaborative and supportive. Our process is designed to combine responsiveness to your unique needs with our knowledge of fundraising, capital campaigns, strategic planning, board development and the broader philanthropic landscape.

How we work together?

We’ll start with a fundraising focused assessment of your organization. We’ll provide you with a questionnaire that will help to give us an understanding of what tools, resources and opportunities exist for us to build on.

After the assessment is completed we’ll schedule a kick-off call that will include everyone we’ll be working directly with at your organization. We’ll review the assessment together which will allow us to have a deeper understanding of how you work and will give us both an opportunity to ask questions.

After the kick-off call we’ll start to schedule our regular 1:1 coaching sessions. You’ll receive a custom coaching plan that we will update during our work together and which will serve as a shared place to capture information, plans and more.

Once we’re comfortable and have a solid understanding of how you work and what our joint goals are, we’ll add strategies, timelines, and metrics to our plans and spend time during our coaching calls checking in our status, results, and next steps.

To learn more about our services, keep reading!

Strategic Planning:

All the time nonprofits are asked what their priorities are and what resources they are using to address those priorities. Having an updated Strategic Plan can provide a roadmap to answering those questions by being a guide for decision-making, priority setting and resource allocation.

Having clear Goals, Objectives and Strategies allows organizations to allocate resources efficiently, enhance your organizations resilience and your ability to innovate and sustain success.

MVP Advisors has a track-record of helping organizations to develop successful strategies for tackling its challenges and has a tailored approach to working with its clients to create the best plans for them, given their unique situation that balances the resources available to them with the goals they wish to accomplish.

Fundraising Coaching:

Fundraising coaches bring specialized expertise and experience, offering valuable insights into effective fundraising strategies and donor engagement. They can help organizations navigate the complexities of the fundraising landscape, providing personalized guidance based on the nonprofit’s unique mission and goals. A fundraising coach can also assist in developing and implementing targeted campaigns, improving communication with donors, and optimizing fundraising processes. By leveraging the coach’s knowledge and mentorship, nonprofits can enhance their fundraising capabilities, expand their donor base, and ultimately increase their financial sustainability.

Fundraising Architecture & Strategy:

Knowing where to focus your efforts and time can sometimes be 1/2 the battle. Setting up achievable and actionable strategies that makes sense for your unique organization can sometimes be the difference between a successful fundraising effort and a failed one.

Knowing where, and how, to allocate your limited time and resources can give you the freedom to execute the best fundraising plan for your organization. We look at things like what technology are you using, what does your story telling and marketing (digital, direct and other) look like, do you have engaged volunteers and followers to help you spread your message, and a number of other key indicators that can help us define the best overall plan and strategies for you.

MVP Advisors can help you analyze your current strategies to see what is working, what needs to be changed, and sometimes, what you need to stop doing. By looking at your fundraising ROI, annual budget and other metrics can help us determine where to focus time and effort to grow your fundraising to the next level.

Board Governance & Operations:

At the heart of any successful nonprofit is an engaged and focused Board. Whether its a small, volunteer led organization where the board delivers the programming, or a med-large nonprofit with a fully staffed team, your Board can help in so many ways.

MVP Advisors can work with you to support you board members by

  • Creating policy and procedures that make a board volunteers role clear and easy to conduct
  • Onboarding new board members or offboarding board members who are leaving the organization
  • Training board members on the role of nonprofits, what a nonprofit is, and what their expectations of service are
  • Coaching them through the different roles board members can play in Fundraising (they can all play one!)

Feasibility Study and Capital Campaigns :

Thinking about a capital campaign or feasibility study? This can be a daunting task and having a trusted consultant to act as your guide and subject matter expert can help keep a project on task, on time and on budget. Let or expertise help guide you to a successful result that will help you achieve your goals and solidify your ongoing sustainability.

In addition to being a trusted partner, MVP Advisors can provide an objective assessment of your organization’s capacity, conduct feasibility studies to gauge community support, and offer strategic planning for campaign execution.

Our donor engagement experience can help identify and categorize potential contributors, and we will assist in crafting compelling campaign structures and messaging. Working a consultant can be a cost-effective means of accessing specialized skills, ensuring efficient use of resources, and increasing the likelihood of fundraising success by identifying and mitigating risks and expediting the planning process.

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