Philanthropic Advising

In addition to working with nonprofits to grow and scale their impact, we also work with families who have a philanthropic mindset and who want to define, grow or analyze their Philanthropy and its Social Impact.

Whether you have an already established vehicle for your giving (typically a Donor Advised Fund or Family Foundation) or are looking to create one that fits your family’s needs – MVP Advisors can help you decide which option works best for your families goals and vision.

We can also work with you to identify the organizations or issues that are important to you and to create a plan for how to best achieve the goals you have for your philanthropic investments.

While we do work with a number of nonprofit organizations directly, we will never disclose our Philanthropic Advising clients or partners.

Why work with a Philanthropic Advisor?

We are advisors who specialize in the nonprofit sector. We can help you:

  • Identify your personal, or your families, main philanthropic interests.
  • Lend our expertise in the philanthropic landscape to help your family make informed decisions about your giving strategies.
  • Assist your family in creating a Strategic Philanthropy Plan that will help you define your goals, focus areas and objectives that can maximize the impact of your giving.
  • Assess the impact of your past and current giving to help inform different opportunities for your future Philanthropy.
  • Develop a legacy plan that aligns with your family values and ensures lasting impact.

A Philanthropic Advisor can enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of your family’s philanthropic efforts, allowing you to make a positive and lasting impact in your chosen areas of focus.

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